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Financial Accountability

When you give generously, sponsor our programs, or host fundraising events in our honour, you help us get more pets - and more victims of abuse - to safety.

Safe pets mean safe families. It's that simple.

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and Accountability

We are grateful to our generous donors, volunteers, and community partners for their ongoing support of SafePet Ontario. Together, to date, we have supported over 450 clients and their pets escape dangerous and harmful situations through our services.

We truly couldn't do it without you.

SafePet Ontario is committed to the highest standards of accountability and transparency. Having received charitable status in January 2023, we will produce our inaugural Audited Financial Statements and Annual Report in the Spring of 2024. Our most recent Annual Report and Audited Financial Statements will be available here in June of 2024.

Please check back at that time to learn more about our work

and financial responsibility.

Small charity, huge impact

Learn more about our team and Board below!

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