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Ways to Give

Safe pets mean safe families. It's that simple.

The urgent truth is that the immediate need for our services is beyond what we can currently address. To help children and adults find safety sooner, all vulnerable members of a family system - including pets - must be given the opportunity to escape. Victims should never have to choose between leaving violence or leaving their pet(s).

They need our help, and we need yours.

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In the past I have stayed in an abusive relationship

because I couldn't bring my cat with me to where I was living.

I'm fighting for a healthy and happy life for my daughter and I...

We both need our cat in our lives. She's family.

- SafePet Client -


Ways to Give

Give a One-Time Gift

Give an amount of your choosing through our donation portal. Your gift will go straight to work helping us do what we do best - getting pets and their people to safety.

Become a Corporate Sponsor

If your business is looking to invest in a Canadian charity that has a real, measurable impact on the lives of the most vulnerable members of society, please consider partnering with us as a sponsor. Contact us directly to discuss current opportunities.

Gift of Securities

A donation of securities or mutual fund shares in an efficient way to give, since the Capital Gains Tax does not apply. Gifts of securities can safely be made via our donation portal.

Become a Monthly Donor

When you become a monthly donor, you help provide consistent and reliable funds that allow us to expand our programs into more Ontario communities, and provide the best care possible to the animals in our pet-safekeeping program.

Host a 3rd Party Fundraiser

We view our 3rd party event hosts as community partners, helping to raise awareness and funds to support our ongoing activities. If you are interested in hosting an event on our behalf, download our Community Partner Toolkit and Event Registration Form to get started.

Other Ways to Give

For offline donations, or to discuss large monetary gifts or non-traditional donations, please contact our Executive Director Hayley directly.

Currently we are only able to accept pet supplies and pet foods from corporate donors.

When you give generously, sponsor our programs,

or host fundraising events in our honour, you help us get more pets - and more victims of abuse - to safety.

A Path to Safety: Helping People and Pets
Escape Violence in Ontario

For more information on our current fundraising priorities,

please download our comprehensive Case for Support. 

Where does your money go?

Our services to those escaping violence and abuse are free of charge to all clients. We cover veterinary costs, transportation, and also ensure that our confidential pet foster families incur limited costs for their pet's care. We provide regular updates to owners, and when pets return home we send food, toys, bedding, and leashes / harnesses as a "welcome home" package.

Through thoughtful investment from donors and sponsoring partners, SafePet Ontario can provide increased and enhanced programs and services that will help survivors and their beloved pets transition from fear and violence to freedom, stability, and long-term safety. With over 35 requests (and growing) each month for our services, the need for SafePet Ontario has never been greater.


Provides a survivor's transport to and from the confidential pet drop-off location


Allows us to purchase food, a bed, and toys for a SafePet foster family that cannot afford to provide them for their foster animal


Gives a SafePet animal the option of exploratory veterinary care, such as X-rays, ultrasounds, or blood work


Allows us to supplement our "Emergency Fund" for emergency veterinary care if a pet arrives with active injuries or needs an old injury tended to


Gives us the opportunity to maintain a small staff team to coordinate placements, market our program to clients, and provide faster placement services for urgent situations


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