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The Farley Foundation donates $40K to SPO!

Please read our joint Press Release below :)

"Recently, the Farley Foundation launched a one-year pilot project to provide SafePet Ontario (SPO) with $40,000 to help subsidize the cost of veterinary care for companion animals of individuals participating in its pet-safekeeping program. The grant, which will fund the majority of SPO’s veterinary bills for the next 12 months, will enable the charity to support at least 60 additional pets with accessing essential veterinary care under the Farley Foundation’s standard funding eligibility criteria.

SafePet Ontario is a registered charity that provides pet-safekeeping for pets of individuals fleeing family violence and human trafficking, as well as public education about the link among intimate partner violence, child abuse, animal abuse, and elder abuse. In 2022, SPO helped 51 fostered pets receive necessary veterinary care, and 21 of those animals’ treatments were subsidized by the Farley Foundation. Between January and October 2023 alone, SPO received more than 304 pet-safekeeping applications and spent over $26,000 in veterinary care for animals participating in its innovative program.

“We’re grateful for this generous funding provided by the Farley Foundation,” says Hayley Glaholt, SPO executive director and co-founder. “Financial abuse is part and parcel to family violence, and most SPO animals require veterinary care as they were prevented from receiving medical assistance by their owners’ abuser. With the foundation’s help, we’ll be able to assist more companions of victims fleeing abuse by providing them with desperately needed veterinary care.”

The Farley Foundation, the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association’s (OVMA) charitable arm, is a registered Canadian charity that subsidizes the cost of veterinary care for pets of low-income individuals living in Ontario. Established in 2002, the Farley Foundation has assisted over 15,000 pets and their families.

“Pets play a vital role in the health and well-being of the individuals we help every day,” says Dr. Gwen Jeun, Farley Foundation president. “For many individuals experiencing violence, their pet is a main source of peace and unconditional love. We are honoured to work with an incredible charity that provides the opportunity for survivors to experience the freedom of living a happy, healthy and violence-free life with their beloved companion.”

The Farley Foundation and OVMA have a long-standing relationship with SPO. SafePet was originally established by OVMA in 2002 and was managed by the association until 2022. OVMA then transferred ownership of SPO to Link Coalition Toronto, a Greater Toronto Area-based non-profit that provided pet-safekeeping for survivors. From there, Link Coalition Toronto fully rebranded as SafePet Ontario, and SPO officially became a registered Canadian charity in January of 2023.

Last year, the Farley Foundation released its three-year strategic plan, which identified five main goals that it will achieve by 2027. The 2024 SafePet Ontario pilot project grant is one of the first initiatives the foundation has launched to provide proactive support to identified communities in need.

“Reuniting healthy pets with their stabilized owners allows these survivors to allocate their limited funds elsewhere—a true gift as they start their new lives together,” says Glaholt.

The Farley Foundation believes that every pet deserves access to veterinary care and this partnership is one of many the Farley Foundation aspires to establish to help provide better lives for companion animals and their families. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can support the Farley Foundation in achieving its goals, visit"


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