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Training & Education

Learn about the need for pet-safekeeping,

and about "the link" among child abuse, animal abuse,

elder abuse, and intimate partner violence.

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Our Mission

SafePet Ontario's mission is two-fold:

1. We provide pet-safekeeping for survivors of family violence and sex trafficking.

2. We educate frontline workers (law enforcement, veterinarians, Victim Services, VAW workers, and child protection staff) and the public about the "link" among animal abuse, elder abuse, child abuse, and intimate partner violence in families.

We are the only province-wide charity of our kind, and we offer educational programs to shelters, workplaces, schools, and community groups. We are also in the process of developing a training portal for on-demand courses.


Training & Educational Programming

Our training and educational programs are ever-expanding. We recently launched our Community of Practice for shelters that would like to house (or are already housing) pets onsite.


To join this virtual COP, please contact Hayley at


We are in the process of developing the following initiatives:

  • A dual-purpose manual and guide to start your own local pet-safekeeping program

  • On-demand educational courses and interventions tailored to individuals experiencing animal abuse, elder abuse, child abuse, and intimate partner violence in families, and the professionals with which they work

  • On-demand training for SafePet foster families, partner shelters, and veterinarians

None of this is possible without donor support.

When you give generously, you help us get more pets - and more victims of abuse - to safety. You also help us get life-saving knowledge into the hands of frontline workers and the public.

Safe pets mean safe families. It's that simple.

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