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General Volunteers

It takes a village to keep SafePet operating smoothly! We have two part-time staff members and a handful of dedicated volunteers that help us in all manner of ways. We are always looking for dedicated, compassionate individuals who hope to make a real difference in their communities, via SafePet Ontario.

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What kinds of volunteers do we need?

There are a number of ways to get involved with SafePet Ontario, and we are always happy to bring new members on to our team! We take the safety and confidentiality of our clients extremely seriously, and for that reason most volunteer roles do not have direct contact with animals or human clients. Also, since quite a bit of effort goes into training new volunteers, we ask that you are able to commit to at least six months of consistent volunteering before you are approved.

There are a handful of key areas in which we could use dedicated volunteer help:​

  • Foster Screening

  • Animal Transportation

  • Governance (legal & financial)

  • Marketing (event planning, social media, etc.)

  • Fundraising (donations, corporate sponsorships, grant writing)

  • Coalition-Building (contacting existing and potential referral sources)

  • Education (providing training)​

Fill out our Application below if you would like to get involved!

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Looking for other ways to give?

Consider donating to assist us in helping survivors of family violence, human trafficking, and their pets. 

Want to hear what we're up to?

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