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Safer, sooner.
Helping survivors with pets escape violence in Ontario.

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"I am free because of
your amazing program."

Real Words. Real Impact.

* Names removed to protect anonymity


SafePet Ontario helps people escape violence by providing a safe haven for the animals they love.

47% of domestic abuse survivors delay leaving, or will not leave at all, if they can’t take their pet with them. But most shelters do not accept pets. This critical gap leaves families in harm’s way.

SafePet bridges the gap, placing pets with carefully chosen foster families while survivors access the safe housing and support they need, sooner.

Safe pets mean safe families. It's that simple.

*All statistics provided by Dr. Amy Fitzgerald, "The Intersection of Animal Maltreatment and Intimate Partner Violence in Canada: Findings from Recent and Ongoing Research." University of Windsor.

Over 60 pets are waiting
for your help.

SafePet Ontario relies on a network of foster families.

Think you could find room in your home and your heart for a foster animal? Help a pet and a family get safer, sooner.

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A Measurable Impact



requests for help received each  month.


average cost to SafePet to foster an animal.


pets in our care at any given time.



cost to clients. SafePet programs are free of charge.


average number of months in our program.


number of foster homes throughout the province.

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